It's All About You...And Others

We've had some great feedback about our original program and decided it was time to revamp and increase the coaching component so you can truly answer some of the edgy questions that we need to look at to see a) where we are and b) figure out where we want to go in our lives.

Here is a dynamic self-coaching program by Donna Karlin, pioneer in Shadow Coaching®.  More than a self-help book, this is a powerful self-coaching program that you’ll use every day. These short, sweet, to-the-point segments will facilitate powerful personal and professional breakthroughs as they will help you ‘get’ people, and understand yourself better in various contexts.

This course isn’t reams of information you have to wade through.  It’s concise and direct and will make you think deeper than you’ve ever thought before….a primary goal of the Shadow Coach®.  The more you know about people --- and yourself --- the better your life, all aspects of your life will be. 

What does this program involve?  Approximately once each week, you’ll receive a single email containing simple ‘truths’ about people along with a few questions to reflect on to hone your insights and awareness.  Within a short while of reading these segments, you will find yourself being mindful of those around you and how you relate to them.  You’ll naturally become a better communicator because you’ve expanded your knowledge of who people are and what makes them (us) tick.  You will see many different sides of them and yourself.  Some you know well, others you are already know, others you are working on, and others may be new to you.



Simple..   Elegant..   Effective..   Insightful..   Intriguing..   Enjoyable..


..and for less cost than one single coaching session.


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